Guess What? We've got some great tiny news!

Liv Dave Pregnancy Announcement We are having a baby
Blogger Pregnancy Announcement We Are having a baby Liv Lundelius Liv Life Mag

We are beyond excited and happy over here! So glad to being able to share this great news with all of you, now that my belly becomes a little harder to hide....

I hope this is a valid reason that I had been a little quiet over at social media all together over the last few weeks.

We all had to survive months of fatigue and nausea, not that I am complaining, but I have definitely been in survival mode with minimal energy. It's not over yet either but I keep working and doing my best to stay on top of things, while also trying to listen to my body and baby and their demand for rest. And potatoes :) which I have been craving a lot.|
As first-time parents, there is a lot for us to learn and to take in. We are enjoying every bit about it.

Today we got to see baby for the first time on Ultrasound, heard it's little heart beating and it was all so very special. Afterwards, we celebrated with a big vegan breakfast & delicious juices in the sun before work.
We will fill you in on life lately asap and will be back to our regular updates now!