Bye Bye Winter: Vegan Night Market

We seriously so excited for Spring over here! When we heard about the seasonal night food market celebrating the end of Winter on a Monday night we had to go!

It was such a fun date night! Hanging out with David and trying out as much yummy food and dessert as possible together, while snapping some photos along the way.

We love you, Sydney!!! All year round.

We arrived at right on 7pm, when the markets opened. There was already quite a queue.
We could smell the food lining up and when finally inside there just too many great options to decide. So we shared our meals. That way we could try out more of the goodness.

There was live music, kombucha from the tap and endless food stalls.

While we usually eat very healthily this was treat time. It's not often that I am surrounded by all vegan comfort food and fun (unhealhty-ish!) desserts.
(We did spot some healthy options as well like Ayurvedic Curry, Salads and Soups)

We went for a Toastie: Mac'n'Cheeze with Pulled Jackfruit and Ravioli with roasted potato stuffing in a black garlic & truffle butter sauce.

For dessert we had black sesame waffle with Vanilla Icecream and Oreo Cookie.

Yup! That happened! We also spontaneously bumped into some friends. Such a good night.

On the way home in the car I was buzzing, I realised that I usually would never consume so much sugar and refined carbs. I couldn't stop babbling in the car to Dave's amusement.