Breakfast In Bed

After many way too early starts and extensive travel for work this week, all I wanted was to spend our Sunday in bed. Dave must have sensed it.

He snug out while I was asleep and made us breakfast served in bed.
This man is full of good ideas.

I think Dalston enjoyed it too, all of us just hanging out and taking it easy for a few hours, napping and cuddling.

We don't really mix up our breakfast routine much these days, it's porridge day in and day out.

Lately we have been adding chia seeds and goji berries into the mix and we do change up the fruit from time to time. It's just that Dave makes such a good porridge, that we really don't fancy anything else. We actually even had it in the morning of our wedding day.
I think I will share Dave's recipe over at the Liv Well Blog asap.

The sun was shining in through the window and I was just so happy.
As I was grabbing my tea, I spilled it all over the bed and myself... I really was not meant to do much on this day.  (Thankfully it wasn't too hot, we just had wash our sheets)

Once we made it out of bed we took Dalston for a big walk but I remember getting back into bed pretty early that day.

Thank you, David for just reading my mind!