Sunny Vegan Sunday Lunches

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Sunny Sundays are the best, especially if I get to spend them with my husband, the puppy, friends and some amazing plant-based food!

This Winter we had quite a few sunny Sundays that we spent together! They are such a treat.
This year I have been working on taking more days off, to get some more time with my much loved husband. Over the last few years I have often been working seven days a week and while I love my job, it has been overdue to make some changes towards a happy balance.

We love taking little Dalston out for a big walk over to Bondi Beach and grabbing some delicious vegan lunch in one of the many amazing eateries. I feel we have made the most out of this Winter, kept up with our excercise, we have been eating really well and still spend a good amount of time outdoors thanks to Dalston.

I have been traveling for work this week and we both had a pretty busy one. At times like this I really miss our chats about everything in the whole word, just hanging out and being with each other.

  This sunny Sunday off together was just ultimate bliss. A good sleep, a morning yoga session and then we were out and about!

We met up with some friends and had lunch at one of my favourites:
Sadhana Kitchen. It's an all raw vegan cafe which also serves delicious cakes. I will make a separate feature about my favourite plant-based places over on the Liv Well blog and will link it up here for you!

The food here never dissappoints! I had the yummiest Cheezeburger a warming Golden Tumeric Mylk and we all shared mint & caramel slices for dessert. If you have a lunch like this you will be satisfied for the rest of the day! The food is so nutritious and rich it always fills me up for a very long time, without feeling stuffed or tired.

We were strolling around the Bondi Markets, soaking in the Winter sun and taking it easy.
Bye Bye, Winter!
Spring is just around the corner. Insert Happy Dance here.