My favourite Stretch Mark Tummy Oils

Good thing I already had a very clean, toxin-free beauty routine before I was pregnant, so I was able to continue most of my favourite skin care (e.g. Edible Beauty) , body care and makeup.

My skin has become much drier though all over the body and of course I am also trying my best to avoid any stretch marks and keep my growing skin firm and elastic and hydrated. It's also a nice ritual to celebrate this changing and growing body and honour all this hard work it's doing.

I really enjoy my daily oiling sessions :)

Truth to be told, no matter how much oil and moisturiser you use depending on your individual skin, hereditary conditions and how quick you are growing stretch marks can not always be prevented.

Because I am a bit of a beauty nerd, I have tried and used quite a few different all natural and organic tummy oils. Here are my favourites:

Divine Mum's Tummy & Body Oil
Beautiful bottle, luxurious feel and a very pleasant and super subtle scent.
I was able to tolerate this even when I had morning sickness.
This gem can be used by Mum's AND babies of all ages including newborns.
It's very hydrating yet absorbs the fastest from all the oils I have tried, which makes the use even more practical. The bottle comes with a pump, which makes my life so much easier, no mess or oil spills here It's a real favourite, yet the most expensive out of my selection.

DnA Elements Mama Belly Oil
It has a light citrus scent and goes on very rich, which makes it great for massage. And the evening, however, it takes a little longer to be fully absorbed.
The bottle is sleek and beautiful, yet it has a big opening which makes the dosage a little tricky.
It comes at an affordable price in a sleek stylish glass bottle. (not pictured)

Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil
This one just exudes wellness & relaxing! The scent is very soothing and beautiful to me. It absorbs into the skin beautifully and is a really great choice for a pampering body treatment. It can be used before, during and after pregnancy and has been developed with midwives and doctors. I really enjoy using this one and enjoy the scent now in my second trimester. I think it will remain a favourite for my belly and breasts after birth as well. If you are particularly sensitive to scents in the beginning of your pregnancy simply wait a few weeks.

Last but not least

Edible Bubba Vanilla Dream Oil
The Baby massage oil is a real treat gourmand lovers. Created for babies it's too good not to use on pregnant grown-up bellies and bodies. I have always had a weakness for a good natural vanilla fragrance. With it's extremely gentle and hydrating ingredients this one is a real winner to be used on Babies skin (including newborns) and works as a perfect body oil for breastfeeding mamas, (as it's all edible your bubba will be safe to suckle on your skin!) It's the perfect massage oil with it's rich texture and doubles as bath oil (when you add it to the bath with a little of the Orange Blossom Baby Hair & Body wash or your regular shower gel. I like that this one is a real multi-purpose oil and is perfect to use on the baby as well. I will keep stocking up on this one!

As this is my first pregnancy I am researching and trying out a lot, but for a beauty lover like myself, that's kind of fun. I hope this was helpful to you.

If you have any favourite cruelty-free pregnancy products, please share in the commentsI would love to hear from you! And of course, I keep you up to date with my most discoveries.