British weather, cozy times and London style

We love Summer, the outdoor and the beach, but having a day off where it's actually raining is rare and really fun in Sydney, especially if all you want to do is to cuddle up with your family, read, snuggle and watch movies.
We had a day like this, a day that felt a bit like London. And home. Just a little bit.
We just got a new couch and framed some more pictures on the wall, we start to really feel at home here.
Wearing some new British and cozy shirts and puppy Dalston loving his new very British floral style doggie snugglebed , we were recharging and thinking of good old times and exciting new ones while enjoying to be just in the moment. I even wore a silk scarf on my head, like I used to wear it in London a lot.
While we usually don't miss the weather the unique and cool street style over in the U.K. is certainly missed.
The bed is so bouncy and comfy that Dalston kept jumping on it, and while he usually sleeps on the cool floor during these summer days, he now spends every lazy minute on his pretty daybed.
Joules was generous to send us these beautiful items and we couldn't be happier with them.

I think we will be back for some more online shopping real soon.

It's the odd rainy day, that we are very happy about right now over here.