Mosquito bites no more & I packed a suitcase!

We are getting ready for Holiday....well, it's still over a month to go and we will only go for 5 days,
but I am already excited now that I have actually booked a house for us!
My parents will come over from Germany to visit and just the thought of it all makes me want to pack the bags.

What I love most about Summer are the warm nights, were you can eat outdoors, go for a nice long walk or swim or just wait for the sun to set.
I got eaten alive this year though on our nightly puppy walks and looked like I had some sort of serious illness with my skin being covered in insect bites.
My sensitive skin doesn't really respond well to strong chemical mosquito repellents either, so I tried my best to cover myself up and and spend as little time as possible outdoors.
With a puppy at home I also try my best to avoid harsh chemicals in our home where ever I can.

Then we got send Para'Kito, a natural mosquito protection that diffuses a blend of 7 essential oils extracted from plants including lavender, geranium, citronella, pine tree, patchouli, clove and peppermint. These oils mask the presence of humans from mosquitos for 15 days; essentially making us invisible. There are wristbands and clips available in which you insert a little infused pellet.
'Kito is safe and perfect for people with sensitive skin, leaves no odour like other mosquito deterrents and comes in lot's of designs and colours.

It actually works! I haven't been bitten since! I use a simple black clip on my hand bag and a band around my ankle. For the holidays we got them matched to our swimwear and Dalston's new bandanas, haha! They easily clip on the leash as well. Soooo goood!

I highly recommend this to all puppy owners and young Mum's.Oh and surfers, because it is even waterproof. And pretty much everyone else.

The smell is very strong and I try to keep them next to windows or the door, that way it will protect our apartment from mozzies as well!

I will give these bands the hardcore test, when we are going on holiday down the south coast soon and will keep you updated if they are working in extreme conditions.

I packed my suitcase....with my swimsuit and some Para'Kito!

Thanks to Para'Kito for sending us these great products.
You guys basically saved our Summer!

Please note: This is our true opinion and experience with the products, we will only ever review products we personally like and would truly recommend to our friends.