The best little spot and the small things

When we get a day off together and don't have plans, and especially on a sunny day, we love walking over to Paddington and have coffee and breakfast at our favourite little spot:
Tuk Tuk Street Bar! The people working there are just the friendliest and they really like dogs too.
Not to mention the fresh, healthy food, the yummy coffee and the great spot to sit and watch people go by.
Here are some snaps from last time. We thought it really deserves an own blog post.
It's the very small things that make my day, like a good coffee and sunshine and taking some time out of a busy week just to enjoy both. And to make it perfect it will have to be in good company.
David & Dalston you rock my world!
Do you have a favourite cafe to hang out?

What else is new? Dalston comes with David to work in the design office from time to time, he graduated from puppy school this week and at home we made it super cozy with a new desk and couch... and new bed for Dalston too.
We can't wait to show you our new living room as soon as we are finished. It only took us one year and 4 weeks... Well. One step at a time, I guess.