Here is to 30 a little beachy garden party

I just started a new chapter in my life: I am 30!
We celebrated in sunshine by the beach with yummy picnic and had the most wonderful weather.
I felt a little emotional about being so far from all my friends overseas on such a special day, which completely took me by surprise. I was so busy leading up to the day, that on the morning while singing and dancing and unwrapping presents at home, all of a sudden there was this little sadness coming up. Yes, you are all missed, my lovely friends in Berlin, London & NYC!!!
And you all made my day with messages, calls and even snail post cards.

I celebrated here in Sydney with lovely new friends & family and we had such a good time.
30 feels amazing so far. The day was filled with Champagne & Cheesecake celebrations.
And I am still amazed to have my birthday in Summer.

I have never been so fit, I can finally run! And have been keeping up to do so.
Life feels just like it is getting better and better each year.
Maybe I learn to be happier each year...I guess that's the beauty of growing older.

Dalston had a good time as well, playing little sausage dog puppy Coco.
And he was a fan of the music and kept sitting right next to the speaker for most of the day.
DJ Dalston.
And I got spoiled from everyone! A lot!

I know this is going to be a great year and I am so excited for all upcoming adventures.
And especially grateful, for everyone that came and celebrated, for my health, for my amazing man, for being so lucky and having puppy Dalston, for Summer, for the beach for so many great work opportunities, for fresh fruit and yummy coffees and for everything else I forgot to mention.
Also I am grateful for all of YOU wonderful readers, to follow us around no matter where we are going.
It means a lot to us to have you here. Thank you everyone!