First swim & Bionade Popsicles

This summer got hot hot hot!
The perfect day for Dalston's first swim!
He did really well. And it was the cutest to see him practice his first doggie paddles at the beach.

Days like this are for popsicles and the beach!
We put our Christmas presi pop maker to work when I discovered that Bionade my favourite German organic drink from back home, is now available in Australia.
We made some "pure" Bionade pops and some with frozen yoghurt inside!
They all happen to create those BIG smiles on our faces. What a happy day!

Bionade is a German organic soft drink, with very little sugar but lot's of good ingredients.
It's low in sugar, is free from preservatives, colourants and artificial flavours, is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and is gluten free! It contains plenty of good stuff like calcium and magnesium and is without the bad ones; it’s low in sodium and phosphorous free.
It's brewed like beer but non-alcoholic.
You all know by now I am a bit of a hippy and eat mainly organic, vegetarian food, so this is right up my alley.

It's very popular in Berlin and really reminds me of a great Summers over there.
I was drinking Bionade all the time, it's amazing for the warm season.
I had no idea that this small little brewery is now selling internationally;
Happy days! It has a cute little story too that I always liked.
I have never been  fan of super sweet and sticky soft drinks, so this was made for me.
Luckily they supplied us with different flavors so we won't get bored. My favourite is "Holunder" flavor, which is German for "Elderberry" . We are now both slightly addicted.

And back to the beach...
I am thinking of starting up paddle boarding, which would be great for Dalston too now that he can swim. I love summer!