Family time & Wildlife

Main wedding season did not allow for much blogging during the last few weeks, and I couldn't wait to find some time to finally fill you in and take the time to update our little blog.

We had my Mum & her husband visiting from Germany, while trying to show them around, in between work it was more challenging then we thought, however we had a wonderful few days on the south coast together with Dave's parents, a day in the Aquarium and the best night in the Sydney Opera House hearing the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. We had some nights of laughter, lot's of BBQ's and beach time, and were so lucky with the beautiful sunshine. I don't want Summer to stop, although I love the cooler evenings and mornings lately as well.

Little Dalston is growing so fast and is currently cutting teeth, which makes him reasonably confused and moody at times but 90% of the time he is the happiest chap, learning new tricks and being a clown. We are so lucky to have him, there is truly nothing like puppy cuddles after a long day of work.
He had a close encounter with a very dangerous spider, which sat on his head one night!
Luckily he didn't get bitten, as he would have probably not survived it!
On this trip we had 3 dangerous spiders, one snake, mosquito's everywhere (but we had the ParaKito bands with us, as you can see on my ankle , which held up well!) and a Kangaroo in the front yard, one day even the water was covered in Blue Bottles too, they are a stinging animal similar to yelly fish that lives in the Ocean.: Australian wild life as it's best. All within a couple of days.

I am now a little scared of being outside the city with Dalston, he is so small, a snake or spider bite can really be life threatening for him.
Hopefully he has a good puppy guardian angel looking out for him and we will be extra cautious from now on.

On our little trip Dave built him a mini beach hut, from a towel and sticks, he loved that place so much he spent every afternoon in there, while the sun was out.
We are back at home and into our routines now, but I have to say the start of this year has been pretty hectic and super fast, I feel someone is fast forwarding this one?
Do you feel the same?