This & That + Puppy Fever

Time has been flying by, we are preparing for our move into the new flat,
have both been working a lot and falling into bed very very tired afterwards.
I caught a cold somehow and feel my body needed some more rest to cope with all the changes.
We did squeeze in a few after work swims, which is the best thing ever.
It's not long to Christmas now, gifts needed to be bought and wrapped and wishlists needed to be written. We didn't really take the camera out this week, juggling tasks and trying to find a little routine, but I did snap some photos on my phone at least.
We probably won't have internet for two weeks in the new apartment, but at least that little break will
keep us focused on spending our time doing the place up nicely.
We are so excited to move in and are collecting ideas for our new home.
The highlight of my week was meeting the fluffy furball above randomly on the road.
His owner came up to me straight away, probably seeing the big smile on my face when I saw the dog asking me if I wanted to hold him!  I can't wait for us to get a dog. I have got puppy fever!