Pop Up Stores + Christmas Tree Highs

We had some great nights lately at a colourful wild little pop up vintage store in Surry Hills.
That's where we met up with the lovely Trishie, were discovering quite some talented Sydney
bands (playing live in front of the store) and finding some really fun vintage bargains.
We have been enjoying the warm summer nights, chatting along to just met friends and no longer strangers.
Thanks everyone, for being so inviting and so much fun to hang out with!

Did I say I wasn't quite in Christmas mood yet?
Srsly, how on earth could I not be with all this incredible colours around?
There are red trees blossoming everywhere, and I came across a giant Christmas tree in the center of the city too.
I am actually very excited about this Christmas in Summer, and I will
try and make my own and first ever Pavlova!
So if any of you have any tips or recipes how to get it right, feel free and drop them down in the comment box! I would love to hear your suggestions.
I am collecting ideas for a wonderful Summer Christmas and bells are already jingel-lingel-lingin' in my head.