Pop Up Stores + Christmas Tree Highs

We had some great nights lately at a colourful wild little pop up vintage store in Surry Hills.
That's where we met up with the lovely Trishie, were discovering quite some talented Sydney
bands (playing live in front of the store) and finding some really fun vintage bargains.
We have been enjoying the warm summer nights, chatting along to just met friends and no longer strangers.
Thanks everyone, for being so inviting and so much fun to hang out with!

Did I say I wasn't quite in Christmas mood yet?
Srsly, how on earth could I not be with all this incredible colours around?
There are red trees blossoming everywhere, and I came across a giant Christmas tree in the center of the city too.
I am actually very excited about this Christmas in Summer, and I will
try and make my own and first ever Pavlova!
So if any of you have any tips or recipes how to get it right, feel free and drop them down in the comment box! I would love to hear your suggestions.
I am collecting ideas for a wonderful Summer Christmas and bells are already jingel-lingel-lingin' in my head.

Guiness cake, folk music and tea cups

The week started with an amazing little event put on by the lovely owners of the wonderful Storm In A Teacup vintage boutique. They made yummy Guinness cake and served drinks in beautiful teacups, while they had amazing musicians at guests. I am so in love with the interior of the shop.
I joined with my friend to hear the talented and inspiring Sam Lee, sing his folk songs, and telling stories. It was a nice little getaway from the usual fashion week events. 
The coziness that this time of year brings with it is so beautiful.
Please excuse the blurriness and quality of these photos, I will try and perfect my photography skills
in low light.

This week has been busy, filled with preparations and makeup for exciting photo shoots and more prep for the move.
We took photos of our room, which will be missed.
We finished clearing out and made plenty of space for all new to come.
Thanks to Skype, I spoke to Dave every day and he had a very great time on his business trip to Sydney. He came back today with so many good news, and great job opportunities.
Fingers crossed. We are so excited. A few weeks of Fall and we will be back into Spring.
A little wardrobe challenge. It's getting cold over here.
Candles & tea time, snuggle-blanket-on-the-couch-time, colourful tights time, noodle soup time,
pumpkin time, socks in bed time, pretty leaves time, scarf time...
What do you like about Autumn?

Time to Play in the Rainforest and cheer us up apple pie

Being very busy work wise right now, Dave had the perfect surprise for me the other night. After fighting my way through the storm and rain, getting soaked and feeling pretty cold, I found he transformed our bedroom into a chirping warm jungle.
It felt like being back on holiday in Cairns, when I closed my eyes.
And it brought back memories, of when we started to go out, and built blanket forts in our room. I can't wait to book a little getaway soon. I am so ready for some sunshine and play time.

This constant cold rain for the last weeks, really taught me a lesson in how to keep smiling-
Here are my recipes, just in case you are ever facing a similar weather challenge :

#1 Building a blanket fort, making indoors as comfortable as possible.
#2 Getting delicious spicy teas.
#3 Baking and eating an apple pie. (Saved my day today! Find my recipe here!)
#4 Remembering to include play time, even in busy weeks.
#5 Thinking about this uplifting little quote which feels so encouraging;
     “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”  From the movie The Help
#6 Planning a holiday
#7 Staying in Pyjamas all day on your day off, doing #1-#7
#8 Doing Yoga
#9 Singing fun songs out LOUD
#10 Sleeping with two hot water bottles and playing rainforest sounds

If there is sunshine where you are, please send some our way!
And don't forget to enter our Giveaway here. Good Luck!

Circus Swing + Cupcakes: Gabby Young And Other Animals

Last week we were invited to see Gabby Young And Other Animals live.
Because Gabby has been wearing my dresses on stage at her Europe tour, her outstanding stylist Katie Antoniou invited us to the fabulous show, along with a few other London based bloggers.
 I can't thank her enough for the wonderful night, and how well we were looked after.
(Including cupcakes and lemonade! Yes, it felt indeed like a kids birthday party: Playful and magical )
We had the best time. I was so deeply impressed with Gabby's voice and her personality.
Gabby was classically trained before being diagnosed with thyroid cancer in her early twenties. After recovering she continued her musical career, establishing her own record label, Gift of the Gab records as well as her own genre of music;
'circus swing'.
She is truly inspiring.


 It was one of these concerts you are going to and you are feeling all warm and fuzzy inside afterwards, do you know what I mean?

Thank you, David for the best company, for claiming my camera back from security and for taking the great photos.