HELLO 2014! You are already a little bit awesome

We started the year pretty well!
Last minute we decided to leave the city and drive down the coast to Jervis Bay for NYE and and New Years Day. Best idea ever!

Getting up super early we had a breakfast stop in Berry, such a pretty little town, we found the greatest bakery there and I had a very good feeling about this trip!

We saw the first Sunrise of the year over the ocean by the beach, had the best coffees and watched the local fireworks with a take away pizza picnic.

It really doesn't get much better than this.
We also got a deep tan on the way and spent a lot of time in the water!
Happy 2014 you all! Here is to a year full of fun, happiness and miracles.

Guiness cake, folk music and tea cups

The week started with an amazing little event put on by the lovely owners of the wonderful Storm In A Teacup vintage boutique. They made yummy Guinness cake and served drinks in beautiful teacups, while they had amazing musicians at guests. I am so in love with the interior of the shop.
I joined with my friend to hear the talented and inspiring Sam Lee, sing his folk songs, and telling stories. It was a nice little getaway from the usual fashion week events. 
The coziness that this time of year brings with it is so beautiful.
Please excuse the blurriness and quality of these photos, I will try and perfect my photography skills
in low light.

This week has been busy, filled with preparations and makeup for exciting photo shoots and more prep for the move.
We took photos of our room, which will be missed.
We finished clearing out and made plenty of space for all new to come.
Thanks to Skype, I spoke to Dave every day and he had a very great time on his business trip to Sydney. He came back today with so many good news, and great job opportunities.
Fingers crossed. We are so excited. A few weeks of Fall and we will be back into Spring.
A little wardrobe challenge. It's getting cold over here.
Candles & tea time, snuggle-blanket-on-the-couch-time, colourful tights time, noodle soup time,
pumpkin time, socks in bed time, pretty leaves time, scarf time...
What do you like about Autumn?

3 weeks in Angel

We had to move twice!
Our new flat is available 3 weeks later than we need to leave our old flat.
So all our stuff (yes we do have loads!!!) went into storage for three weeks and we lived in a friends house in the beautiful Angel neighborhood for three weeks.
It was almost like a little holiday. I went to Yoga classes in the evenings, and we went out to a lot of nice restaurants in the area.
We even had a little outdoor patio area and 2 cats in the house.
Aw...it's so nice to live with pets.
The pictures above we took on the last morning in Angel, after we packed our all stuff to move back to Dalston.
We were happy and excited. That was before we knew that our man with a van will be letting us down that day...