Hello Pool, Bye bye garden!

These photos were taken on the last day we stayed with Dave's family, in their beautiful garden.
That day was filled with packing and organizing but we sneaked in some time for laps in the local pool and an hour of sunshine in the garden.
That's what makes Australia so special, the work/life balance.
Living the good life, and getting things done at the same time.
This is my idea of living the Liv life ;)

I wrapped up Christmas presents today and put them under the tree.
It's really around the corner now and I am looking forward to having everyone around and spent the day together with some lovely food, probably in my new vintage swimsuit!
Besides the gifts I ordered for others there was a special little surprise in the post today from the amazing Sydney based swimwear designers Sirens Swimwear, I had to put it on straight away.
And I already know, I will wear this one A LOT. Hooray for local designers!
The amazing Alex from the photographers collective Gentlemen Take Pictures happened to have a minute, got his camera out and snapped a few shots for me in the garden.
(We are all living together in the house right now, one wonderful big creative family Dave has!)
I can't wait to collaborate with them soon for some editorial makeup shoots.

When you are reading this we would have moved into our new place.
Happy Christmas everyone and catch you soon! (as soon as our internet will be connected)