Happy birthday bushwalks, beard boxes & homemade pizza

Happy Birthday Husband To Be!

I haven't quite gotten used to calling Dave, finacé yet.
Every day I am grateful that we met and I am so excited about staying together forever.
This man constantly inspires me to be the best version of myself and with him I feel complete.
Thank you Dave, for everything.

Instead of the usual traditional birthday apple pie, we made pizza at home, by popular request of the birthday boy himself.

After unwrapping his wooden box filled with beard grooming goodies and breakkie at home we went for a long bush walk with Dalston. We even encountered a massive snake!
The first one I ever did see in the wild. I had a glimpse and ran...
An evening of pizza baking and watching movies finished of the perfect little day together.

With the engagement and rough wedding ideas planning we went through all of our old pictures, which was so much fun.  I am so glad we started this little blog way back when we met, and documented everything. So much has happened, and we look sooooo young in our first posts.
Life has been good to us. And we are very very happy.

Currently we are in the process of moving, unfortunately we have to move out of our little apartment.
We got so used to it, although it's tiny and dark, we love the location and the lovely area so much.
Hoping to find something really near by has proven to be trickier than we thought, and many apartments won't allow Dalston.
Being main wedding season, it's not the best timing for me to juggle the house hunt and move, but hey... it will all work out in the end. It's certainly not the first move.
Fingers crossed we find a new lovely space soon.

Right now with Summer on it's way I feel like running away from the city and living in a big beach house with ocean views instead.  I am also really craving to creating a home more long term.
I am REALLY over moving around. I crave my own space that we can call our home for year and years.

But for now we will enjoy this wonderful time of being freshly engaged and enjoy the Summer.

P.S: The dress is by a local Australian Designer, Briony Marsh, I love her stuff!

Dalston In The City & Sunny Doggie Days

Photos from Dalston by dear friend & pet photographer Julianna @ Two Guineapigs!
Dalston has grown into a fabulous little man, walking on the leash nicely at most times, and being just a joy to have around. He absolutely loves people and wants to say Hi to every single stranger on the street to turn him into a friend. I still feel so lucky to have a dog in my life. We have been waiting for this for such a long time and there is truly nothing better on a stressful work intense day then a little pooch asking for attention and reminding me to take a break ever so often.
On Sunday after going for a morning run, we all went out for a yummy Breakfast together in at The Book Kitchen in Surry Hills, and afterwords wondered around town checking out little shops and just enjoying the sunshine. I was beyond impressed with how well behaved Dalston was, he just seemed to be so happy to be out and about in the City, sniffing around new areas.

The sun has been out a lot lately, and Autumn has never felt better, it's almost Summer at some days and then there are cozy crisp nights on others.
Check out Dalstons smile below! (All pics below as usual our own & iPhone)

Happy Days And Nights in our hood!

"Hello, my name is Dalston" from Julianna Koh-Blackwell on Vimeo.

The other night the super talented pet photographer and artist Julianna from Two Guineapigs spend the evening with us, snapping along these cute images, capturing Dalston at 3 months.

 We had so much fun! Thanks Julianna, you are the greatest.

Feeling homier by the minute + Lunch break swims

Our home interior is almost complete.
I still really want to start a picture wall full of frames, and get some more little decoration items here and there, but mostly we have a liveable house now!
On Saturday we got 2 chairs and a table, which allows us to sit down properly now, for meals:
Such an improvement in our quality of life. The camping of the last months has come to an end,
and we begin to live in our house. It feels soooooooooooo good.
We got some more little plants around the place, my home office is set up, including photos on the wall and candle on the desk and I feel like I will find time for all the exciting projects I am having in my mind real soon. 
My driving skills are getting better by the day too.
Sydney, you are quite something: While having a busy day keeping up with all the admin, emails and organization of my freelance work I can go for a swim during my lunch break.
The Redleaf Pool is right behind our house, and isn't actually a pool but rather a harbour side beach.
There is a little very simple cafe right by the water too, where we sneaked out to have a sunny breakfast one morning. They do yummy Banana Bread and really nice Ice coffees but it's more the location right next door and the lack of great cafes in our hood that makes us go over there.
Living by the water is simply the best! 
It's still wonderful weather over here and I can't yet imagine how Sydney will look and feel in Autumn and Winter.
We finally took a few snaps of our new home here, which is an apartment in an Art Deco block of flats in Double Bay. It's so much fun setting everything up and I am looking forward to seeing this place grow homier and homier over time.