Recap And Refilling the Cup & Fantastic Toxin Free Carpet Clean

This is a somewhat #sponsored post, which allowed me to return to this much-loved space. We had time to spend together in nature. The worlds best playground with the worlds best toys: Sticks, Sand, Water & Rocks.

When overwhelm kicked in, and I had just too many things on my list, and even my bullet journal wasn’t able to keep track of the tasks I received the excellent opportunity and gift of a free house and carpet clean. Yup. Sometimes the universe just knows what you need.
Instead of showing you how awesome and clean our house looked, I rather show you what we did with our free time!

Fantastic Services is a home service company that offered me to review their home cleaning in exchange for a free service.

Guys, how could I say no? I mean, I am a juggling Mama…

It’s been so long and as a committed person and someone that likes to always run on time, and a taskmaster, it’s been incredibly difficult to let this beloved blog of ours become such a lonely and empty space this year. So many adventures I have to share yet didn’t allow myself to find the time.

You see, this blog has been documenting our story and life ever since Dave and I met. Before we had a dog, a kid and moved across the globe together!

It seems it somehow reflects as well how little time we have these days for our relationship and creative side projects! But: It’s not all doom and gloom! We are still here! We are alive, we are happy and loving life.

I just had to learn a lesson in surrendering to the imperfect life of the working Mama and also asking for help/outsourcing so we could have a little more free time.

Today was the day, I spent all morning with Faye in the community garden while our carpet got a deep clean. A non-toxic, no fume, eco-friendly one. It looks brand new, and that’s after 5 years of living here with a dog and 2 years with a bub. They were super professional, and while they didn’t arrive on time, they sent me a text and gave me a phone call to provide me with plenty of notice. There was a traffic incident that morning, and I appreciated the communication. I am so happy that there wasn’t any toxic smell when I came home and that they were able to use an eco-friendly product.

Our clean freed some time up, and we all went for a brilliant bush walk.
And an afternoon by the beach in the warm winter sun. But that’s a post for another time.

I learned to prioritise and manage time once again and will now be able to update this space with all of the adventures we had lately! Stay tuned.

Special thanks to Fantastic Services for giving us the gift of time and a moment to refocus!
If you want to book in for a home cleaning, carpet clean or any of their services use this link for $20.00 OFF! Or simply use refferal code: livlifemag