Dining Days & High Tables

Besides being out and about every free minute I also went dining at The High Table at the Hotel Centennial the other day, which was another wonderful event created by the lovely Nat from Eat Read Love. Not only was the interior absolutely amazing and the food delicious, the absolute highlight was to catch up with so many fabulous, creative and talented people.
I came home glowing and full of new inspirations.
And then we also had a romantic dinner out just the 2 of us, locally at Fish Face, it was possibly the best sea food we have ever had.
Photographs from the event by the talented Nadean Richards from Photography By Nadean 
 Styling: Lisa Madigan Host : Natalie Hayllar (eat read love)

While I love my work dearly it's important to remember to take time to recharge.
It might seem on our little blog as we are hanging out a lot but truth to be told I have maximum 1 day a week of at the moment and I might actually be a bit of a workaholic.

I lately had a blast at work, for the Hello May Editorial in Issue Five, since this video is good fun, I made an exception to the rule and share some work with you here. Check out the rad behind the scenes video below! It was a truly wonderful team.

Pedal to the Metal // Hello May // Behind the Scenes from Light Noise Films on Vimeo.

Creative direction: hellomay.com.au
Photography: larahotz.com
Hair & Make-up: makeup.livlundelius.com
Videography: lightnoisefilms.com.au