Meet Dalston! One more sleep.

We are overly excited here tonight.
One more sleep and we are bring our new additon to the family home:
Havanese puppy Dalston!

We met him and his siblings the other week and visited before, he is now old enough to come with us.
On our visit we snapped a few pictures. We will be back with more very soon.

The next few weeks, will be filled with puppy fun: pre-school, training, socialization prob. some lack of sleep for all of us and lot's of time, for establishing a new little routine.

We have been waiting for this day for almost four years.
The house is puppy proofed and we got everything set up.

I noticed that most people don't know the breed. Ha-va-what? How do they look?
So I thought I include a link to a video about them here:

One more sleep!