1 week in Melbourne

We landed in Melbourne and the sun was shining!
The moment we left the plane I have been smiling.
Actually the moment we left our flat in London with the suitcases I started non stop smiling.
Dave documented the whole journey as well, and we will post it later on.
The flight was fun- and everything went well.
Melbourne is cool- really really cool.
You get the best coffee in the whole world! Though I developed a new addiction for green teas and fresh fruit smoothies that were available at every corner.
We have been to the most amazing little bars and lots of vegan/vegetarian restaurants, the food was incredible and so very fresh.
All the shops and were decorated and designed with such a love for detail.
I met part of the family and we had so much fun hanging out with Davids brothers and sister.
Life is much slower down under. In a good way. It feels like people have actually time for their
kids, dogs, friends and family and for their creative projects.
I love it.