we keep movin + crazy london life = no time for nothing

Our apologies.
We are still happy and alive we just haven't found a minute to breath.
I have been studying and graduated recently from the Jemma Kidd Make Up Academy,
were it happened that I won a scholarship through a talent competition and found myself in a full time professional make up course, which was more than I could have hoped for to start my career.
However it meant having not a single day off in a few months, which brought me to my limits in energy, financially and creatively as well.
On top of that my exhausted body got a hay-fever for the first time in my life and a proper asthmatic one, that stole my voice and breath.
We also needed to look for a new house at the same time.
We were missing Australia and there were days where even me as complete big city girl just wished to be on a lonely island.
I can't thank Dave enough to support me during this crazy busy times.
I wasn't the easiest to deal with as I was very stressed towards the end of my course.
He is the best man in my world.

Last week we finally found a new place, here in Dalston (YAY!)
We can't wait to move and Dave started already (weeks before) to pack boxes.
So we are living in box-land for a few weeks.
Today I am having a day off!!!! And catching up with blogging, emails and sorting my Make Up kit out.
I am excited for my new career and hope for loads interesting projects coming up.
My Make Up Artist website just launched as well, though there not many good photos on just yet.

P.S: Summer is here !