interviewing dozens of potential flatmates + busy buzzing x missing good times in OZ

Finally we have found a great place & potentially great flat mates.
I have a good feeling that the new place is a step closer to my dream home.
News are: Dave's brother and his boyfriend will be moving to London in spring next year!!!
While we were speaking more and more about moving to Sydney.

Probably not so soon anyway. London is an exciting place, but can sometimes also really get on our nerves.
The weather the constant rush and the snobbery...
But then we have great friends here and soon a really nice flat and there is so much to do and to see and it's full of inspiring people.
Lately we have been uber busy with moving planning.
On rainy rubbish days I do miss Australia though and wish I could beam myself there from time to time.
Life is so very different there, different and beautiful.