we are off to....

Our holiday is here, we running through the house, packing, organizing and being excited.
And we are off to sunny Croatia for one week! No internet, no phone, just us, the sun and the sea-
Here is what we are the most looking forward too:

1. Having breakfast at the airport 
2. Seeing the ocean
3. Getting up and going for a swim first thing in the morning
4. Picking up Croatian words
5. Fresh ripe Lemon from the tree turned into a home made lemonade
6. Being outdoors all day long
7. Wearing my new swimsuit and Swedish clogs
8. Picking herbs in the garden
9. Meditating by the beach
10. Tons of cuddle time
11. A tan
12. Paying in Kuna the local currency
13. Plenty of BBQ's
14. Going for a night swim....

OK, I could keep continuing but we gotta go now! 

We will be back soon and will tell you all about it.
Until then I hope you are having a great time!