fresh flowers, great portraits + good pizza


This Sunday we had a little vacation from all the planning lately.
We went to the beautiful flower market at Columbia Road.
If you ever spent a weekend in London, this is a great place to go.
I love it every time.  Besides all the fresh flowers, the road is full of little artsy boutiques and studios.
Dave grabbed some Calamari for 1.50 and spent some time smelling wonderful fragrances in Angela Flanders old and magical perfumes shop.
The afternoon, we spent in the National Portrait Gallery, where we saw the BP Portrait Award.
Which showcases the very best in contemporary portrait painting from around the world.
It was very inspiring! One of the best exhibitions I have seen in some time.
Photography is not allowed within the gallery : ( so no pics to share.
Sunday night Pizzas have somehow become a new little routine lately, and we had a fabulous one for dinner.