happiest birthday, pumpkin soups and dog dreaming

We celebrated Dave's birthday with the traditional birthday apple pie (recipe here), a birthday party at the Clapton Hart with our friends and Dave's brother Adrian who's birthday is on the same day.
Thanks everyone for joining in, it was such a good night.

After all the celebrations our week was filled with real Autumn treats like pumpkin soup, hot-water bottles and ice cream in bed, as well as plenty of work.
Now Dave is off one week to Portland for business, which probably means even more ice cream in bed for me.
And while I am actually focusing on my career, I can't stop myself from watching dog videos, checking out different breeds on my phone while waiting for the bus and day dreaming about dogs.
I grew up with dogs and before I came to London a few years ago I have never lived without one.
I know long term we will get a dog, but I also know too well, how much time you need to invest when getting a puppy to train it well. We won't rush it, but a girl can dream...