Christmas in Summer: Feasting & Swimming

We had the best family & food time on Christmas.
The weather was unexpectedly bad, it rained and stormed all day, but we had the coziest time indoors with the family. We started with a big Pancake and Champagne breakfast with loads of fresh fruit and ice cream unwrapping all the great Secret Santa Gifts.
If you have read our blog for a while you probably noticed before how much I love a good big long breakfast and going out for breakfasts.
All our presents were striped and for the beach, so we are properly set up for Summer!
Dave's parents got me a Christmas ornament made with my name on it, like everyone else in the family. I guess that means I am officially part of the family ;)
The only thing that was missing was my family, and I hope that in the future they will be able to come down to Sydney to celebrate with us.
We were watching old super8 videos from when Dave and his siblings were little on a big screen.
It was so magical and reminded me again how important it is to document life with photos and videos, because it's so much fun to look back. We played with little baby nephew Marcus, took pictures and in the afternoon we had Christmas BBQ with the probably worlds best homemade Passionfruit Cheesecake & Cannoli from Daves brother Adrian.
We played Scattegories until we were too tired to go back home and fell asleep on the couch.

All our presents were striped beach things, so we are properly set up for Summer!
Our boxing day we spent right there, next to our house on the little habour beach.
Swimming and relaxing with all our stripey gifts.

After all this Christmas made me realize that it really doesn't matter, what season or weather or food you are having on the day it's just about spending time with your loved ones and remembering the spirit. I am already looking forward to the next one, with much more decoration and Christmas cookies in our house. (more on our new house and the move very soon!)

I hope you all had a wonderful time, wherever you are in the world!
Happy New Year! We will be watching the fireworks, what are you up to?