Happy New Year, Resolutions and Heatwaves

Happy New year to everyone!

Thank you all for reading our little blog.
We are incredible happy to have every single one of you here, and it has been great sharing our adventures with you.

2012 has been good to us.
We had a beautiful holiday in Croatia, we had great work projects, Dave has been traveling around the world for work, we spent a lot of time with our friends in London, sightseeing before we moved on the other side of the world to Sydney, where I had my first summer Christmas.What a year!

I am excited about 2013. I set a few goals for myself for this year in terms of my work.
Mainly that I am giving my best every day.
Being open to all good things, to listen to others and to follow my dreams.
To be patient but never lazy. To be loving and supportive to others.
To be happy and grateful for what I have got. That's it! Especially for my bearded beloved man.
Do you have any resolutions for 2013?
We had a fabulous time watching the fireworks in Sydney, camping out in the park all day to secure a spot. These Australians really love their fireworks and all sights are crowded from mid day already.
So we were waiting and waiting and waiting and... for 12 hours! We made a picnic, played cards and watched the air shows. Sydney, you have great fireworks, but I don't think I will wait a whole day again ;)

2013 started with a bang, and we didn't had a chance of blogging a little earlier, as we had so much work coming up. My freelance makeup work is booming and I am preparing for the amazing creative wedding fair One Fine Day which is very exciting, check out their website here. I am so looking forward to it. Somehow I expected January to be a little more quiet, but I like it this way.

While I was writing this in the first place we were having a serious heat wave in Australia, it is 43 degree Celsius (= 109.4 degree Fahrenheit)
I actually started feeling a little dizzy while I was writing this. And a few hours later I had a heat stroke, with fever, sickness, shivering and completely blurred eyesight. That wasn't fun.
That's the reason this post wasn't long up...I am recovered and the temperature is back to normal.