9 weeks or the adventure begins

photos by Twoguineapigs - Pet Photography

We might be slight biased but I think we got a super pup!
The last week has been so much fun, hanging out with this little guy.
Of course it takes tremendous energy to look after and train and puppy, they need constant super vision and are learning all the time, so we are in charge of making sure he learns the right stuff.

While being busy with work I made Dalston the main priority and for now I have to arrange things around him.  He sits, comes and lies down on command, which is awesome, I could teach him stuff all day and night, he is so much fun.
It's really hot here at the moment and I can't wait to take the little guy to the beach soon.
He is meeting new people everyday and loves it too.
His latest friend is the very awesome pet photographer Julianna from Two Guineapigs.
I have met her on a photo-shoot we both worked on a little while ago and last week we finally met up again. Of course she brought her pro camera, and snapped the great photos of Dalston that I have posted here. She is a true artist and captures real portraits of pets, not your average "shopping-center-style" pet photos. Check her out! If you are in Sydney and have a pet, book her in ;)

From next week we are on a little holiday and the puppy pre-school starts. So exciting.
I am still booked with weddings during my "holiday" but have the days during the week entirely off,
to hang out with Dave & Dalston. I can't wait, we have lot's planned, including some family photo sessions.

Puppies grow up way to fast, so we will try our best to capture this precious time.
On popular demand Dalston now also has his own Instagram account,  I gave in after friends begged me to open up his very own Instagram. It also helps to not puppy spamming my own account and followers so much, although I bet most people don't mind : ) Feel free to follow him, if you enjoy endless puppy pictures.