It's Christmas 2013

Christmas day was just a rainy as last year, so we celebrated indoors at Dave's parents house with a nice big brunch! Dalston was super sleepy and slept in crate almost the whole day.
As a new dog mum I got pyjamas with puppies and "must love dogs" writing: I wear them when taking Dalston out at night time. I think we didn't even take any pictures this year, we were just too bugged.  We also got a fantastic pop maker, and we are already trying out all different kinds of delicious homemade fruit juice & froyo pop's! At the end of the night Dalston fell ill, he got a stomach bug and kept us awake for the next few nights as he had to constantly go potty...
No fun for any of us. We were zombied out without sleep!
By now he is absolutely fine again.

Boxing Day was amazing, we had the most relaxed picnic with everyone at Nelsons Park.
The sun was out and it changed everything.
Just what we needed. David played soccer with strangers, Alex & Adrian climbed trees,
our little nephew chased birds and I was just hanging out getting some rest and enjoying the sun.

Christmas in Summer is def weird for me but it is very nice too! I don't think I will ever get used to it, but that's ok.

How was your Christmas? I hope you all had a relaxing and wonderful time!