Playtime, Birthday parties & hanging out

I am super proud of Dave he is such a good puppy Dad! And Dalston? Well he learns super quick and we are deeply in love with him.
Her just a few snaps of things we have been up to lately.
For example Gaby's birthday part, from This Little Port, Dalston meeting her baby girl Clementine and him hanging out at the beach and at home.
If you enjoy puppy photos you might want to follow Dalston's Instagram here: loves kids and all other humans!
We can't stop playing with him. He is growing so quickly...
I really have to catch up and do a few posts in a row, to keep this blog up to date!
Dave had 2 weeks off work over the holidays and while I was still working on weddings over the weekends I tried to unplug and do no email work or blogging etc for the time being...
It felt very good to have so much time together.

More to follow!