Biennale, Movies & Visa + Happy FOUR years

 Happy 4 years! The last four years have been filled with adventures, love and good times.
We have come far (litereally!) with our big move, but also personally and in our relationship.
I feel like I am the luckiest Lady on the planet, being blessed with such a great friend & lover.
I love you so much Dave, and it was amazing to spent the weekend together.

We took some time to celebrate and spend loads of time together.
At home in Sydney. It's Biennale and we saw part of it at the MCA, we had lots' of cuddle time,
saw the latest Wes Anderson movie (which will inspire us for a little while I think)
and we also climbed the harbour bridge! All the way up, we had the best view and we somehow even loved the rain at the climb, it made it so much more adventurous. ( Photos to come! ASAP!)
Regular refueling with delicious snacks and coffees made this weekend one that I will remember.
It's really the only downside of my job, that I am working weekends, while Dave has them off.
But it only makes the rare occasion where I do take a weekend off more special.
We also celebrated my permanent Visa, which came through the other week with a spontaneous Champagne & strawberry sunset picnic.
As the temperatures really dropped over here now we also got a new tea pot and lot's of yummy teas stocked up. I am a little excited about the change in season.