The Climb!

We climbed the Bridge! And it was fun.
While it was pretty rainy and grey while we were up there, it somehow made it even more of an adventure. It was quite special seeing our beautiful city from a different angle, and seeing the bridges structure up close. Afterwards we warmed up with teas and took shelter, until it was dry enough to make our way home. The weather has been one mixed bag over lately and we have been fighting a mean cold which seems to spread across the whole of Sydney right now.

Our dinners are therefore packed with chilli & garlic and we are drinks pots and pots of fresh ginger and lemon tea. Sleep is the best medicine and we are spending as much time in bed as work allows.
Resting feels espially good at the change of seasons, and it's the perfect time to make plans too.
One of my favourite things to do.
Little Dalston is currently also in snuggle mood as he had his neutering surgery and is currently wearing a cone and a bandage on his foot too. Prescribed indoor entertainment for all 3 of us.