2016 the year in review

We had so much fun! Starting the year off by reuniting with friends & family from all over, celebrating our wedding day, spending a special honeymoon in Bali.

I also became a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher (something that has been on my personal bucket list for a long time!) and graduated in October.

We spend many Autumn & Winter days with long walks in our neighborhood, soaking up all the rays. Also in Winter we were chasing the sun up north and did a short work trip to Byron.

I flew to Noosa for work and that happened when I just found out that we were going to have a baby!

Definitely THE biggest news of this year!
Little Dalston turned 3, he has grown up so much, yet kept his puppy excitement.
I think he is going to make an excellent big brother!

We also relaunched this blog from its old blogger platform onto this new Liv Life site.
Thank you for following along!

2016 was definitely a very special year. A year where so much has come together, a year that was just about love and fun in many ways.

We are off for the holidays on a little one-week road trip. Follow along on Insta (& Insta Stories!!!) if you like. We will be back in the new year! Have a great time and enjoy Christmas and a fun start to the new year.

Here is to 2017!