Happy New Year & Our Little Holiday

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great start into 2017.

We spend Christmas & NYE up in the Byron Bay Hinterland, reading, relaxing and exploring! There is something really special about this area, a magical vibe, something meditative. It's like paradise. We spend half the time working out if we could just move and stay there. Maybe one day...

Our little cabin was just perfect. We spend quite some time there.

Most days I felt it was a little toooooo hot for the beach... Yes, you heard right: Pregnancy makes a little harder for me to cope with the heat. Which is pretty funny, because usually, it can never be hot enough for me. We only went to the beach in the late afternoon or early mornings.

I brought the Vitamix from home and we had the best smoothies for breakfast. Together with fresh mangoes & melons we were feasting on all the local produce. Dave also brought our new BBQ, which he had designed over the past year. The grilled veggies were soooo good that we stayed in every night and made the most out of the opportunity. (Our little apartment back home doesn't have any outdoor space for a BBQ)

This belly of mine is growing and our little girl's kicks are so strong now that you can see them from the outside. I easily spend one whole afternoon just staring at my belly, so fascinating. Our bodies are truly a miracle. In just a few months our little family will grow to four. Dalston will make such a great big brother.

Since we have been back to Sydney things have been a little crazy, my iMac died amongst other little obstacles and workload and it took me a little longer to recover everything and get back to the blog.

But we are all sorted now! So much fun going through all the photos of the holidays...