Byron Bay Bliss

It was the best idea to escape Sydney Winter for a few days and drive up north!
The feeling of the warm air, no need for socks and being able to dine outside at night... As it was our first time in Byron Bay, we played tourists and walked up to the famous lighthouse. The views were amazing and we even spotted some Dolphins jumping out of the water in front of us.
Lighthouses are always soooo romantic and this one is a real gem.

This was such a short trip, we only really followed recommendations from friends and didn't really get time to just explore. Of course, I had to go shopping at SPELL, they just opened a new boutique the week before we got there.

We had the most delicious Mexican food at Miss Margarita and another fab dinner at The Italian both had really tasty veggie options. Actually, this was probably the best Mexican food I have tried.

For breakfast, we all went over to The Farm, which was a very fun place with lots of fresh organic produce. I also bought some super fancy granola in a jar and some fruit.

I was hoping to pet some pigs and other animals, but sadly they were all locked behind electric fences as The Farm isn't a Vegetarian restaurant, which is a bummer. At least they did have many vegetarian and even vegan options on the menu. Dave wanted to keep exploring and taking photos, but my mood just dropped after I wasn't able to connect with the animals.

We opted for a beach walk instead! The beaches were stunning and Dalston was lucky to find a huge beautiful dog-friendly beach right next to our accommodation.

On the day I was working on the wedding, (which was extremely beautiful , by the way! I seem to always get work with the most amazing humans!) David and Dalston explored a car boot sale/flea market. I love the photos he took, it looks like it was great fun.

I am so grateful for my job, getting me around and allowing me to travel to all sorts of beautiful destinations. Back in Sydney Winter has really hit and I am doing my best to stay warm and happy, being such a fan of Summer, it's my challenge for this year to go through this Winter with grace and without complaining about the weather.