Winter In Sydney & A Night At Vivid

The other week was definitely pretty crisp, but we wrapped ourselves up pretty well in real Winter coats and braved the clear night for a long afternoon walk through the city and a visit to this year's Vivid festival.

Sydney does Winter pretty well. While I am still adjusting to the colder weather there are many fun things to do here in Winter. And also, half the time it's not even that cold anyways.
After two weeks that felt endless and freezing we have had a really mild and beautiful week so far.

One of the great things Sydney does in Winter is VIVID the light festival which lights up pretty much the whole inner city landmarks and lots of other great light installations.
( I just looked back at this"Vivid" blogpost that we wrote back in 2013. Time really flies......)

It's always packed out and really great for kids, which are running around everywhere aahhing and uhhhing. My favourite was probably the big "Cathedral Of Lights" that we walked through, but then there was also this really awesome huge old tree, that had moving snakes projected on it, which was really well done, the more I think about it the more I remember little things I loved.

Sydney really has become our home and won my heart over during the last few years here.
Special thanks to the husband for this amazing date night and for always being so fun to hang out with!