Our Baby Shower

On Sunday we gathered close friends and family who helped us big time putting together a little shower. We were celebrating, playing croquet & eating cake!

We discovered this cute old Croquet Club, which is tucked away on the golf course, in walking distance to our apartment, which really made the perfect setting.
Everyone made an effort to bring along a vegetarian/vegan plate and special thanks again to Deborah, who nailed the vegan Orange & Poppyseed Cake (although she had to practice all week long...) And to Amy & Meg as well, who helped to bring the whole thing together!
The weather was just perfect! Baby Girl received so many beautiful books, a handmade blanket, and some cute little outfits. I actually didn't get around to playing a game of croquet, I was too busy chatting and eating delicious food.

Time really flies, I am in my third trimester now. Still feeling great, having energy and feeling comfortable. I think 10months are really just enough time to get organised for a baby.

We are doing well with the little nursery and ticking things off the long list. But that's a post for another time!