Cashew Ice Cream & Carrier Fun

Faye is five and a half months and is getting more and more excited about the world around her!
Time to face her outwards in the carrier!
The squealing, bouncing of her arms and kicking of her little legs confirmed that she had great fun. So it happened that Dave & Faye were walking about together playing airplane all weekend long.

(She doesn't feel ready to face outwards in the pram though... So the other day we used the pram to get to Bondi with Faye happily napping but as soon as she woke she felt happier in her comfy sling. One step at a time, I guess we got a little ahead of ourselves!)

What else? Plant-based Cashew Ice Cream! I really had to walk over to Cha-Cha's and grab some!
It made my day.
Yes, I have had a sweet tooth lately, reaching for tropical fruits, cacao everything, raw cake and also making sweet treats at home ( I will share more recipes soon!)
I think it's the breastfeeding & work that makes me need the extra snacks.

David makes the best salads though...(don't they look pretty?)
He always surprises me with his creations and creativity in the kitchen, especially when I am starving after work!

We were also talking about how amazing the last 5 months have been.
Becoming parents is really the best thing that ever happened to us and we are forever grateful for having little Faye in our lives. I can't wait to put together her little 3-6 months video shortly.
It all happens so fast...