A Long Weekend Of Surprises & Caramel Cake

It was Dave's birthday on the weekend! It wasn't a big round number but I felt strongly about celebrating this one.
Dave is not big into birthdays. Me on the other hand...you guessed it!
Year after year I respect his wishes of only getting him a little card, baking an apple pie and keep it low-key. Or at least I try.
But now it's time things will change for the better.
We are a family and birthdays ARE important. I think I proved my point :)
Dave has been like Superman lately, working, supporting my work, looking after Faye and cleaning the house. He hasn't stopped.
So I organised a little birthday surprise lunch with friends & family. He got to catch up everyone...kick back and relax. We had Vegan Yum Cha at Bodhi, it was sooo good. 
The vegan, raw birthday cake by Earth To Table was quite a winner, too!
And the look on his face when we got home and I snug in a cleaner while we were at lunch was priceless. The apartment was spotless and we actually got to relax.
We had such a great time playing with Faye & Dalston, going for long walks, getting Daves vegan pizza fix and watching some old Startrack episodes. All after spending a long lazy afternoon on the beach!
Possibly, Daves ideal weekend!