Beach Babes, Naps & Kisses

I have been dreaming of taking Faye to the beach ever since falling pregnant and while she isn't quite ready to play with a bucket or head into the (still too cold) water, she felt the sand between her little toes. Let's say she got a glimpse of beach life.
A very good start! And maybe the warm weather helps us all to slow down a little!

Little pockets of calm and relaxation, I am craving you so much!
This month has been quite a whirlwind and I have truly reached the end of my energy levels.
Luckily the sun came out and surprised us with 2 hot, but windy days, which were calling for the beach. After I finished work on the weekend we headed straight for the sand and all had a little outdoor afternoon nap. There is so much I want to blog about and catch up on. It feels like I am just barely scratching the surface and I need more time to reconnect with myself, with mediation, yoga but mainly some calm days of just spending time with Faye.

She started to give me kisses, which is THE best thing ever! She also splashes so hard at bath time that the whole room is getting wet! I think we are going to have a lot of fun.

I can really smell all the adventures that are about to unfold!
Happy Five Months, Faye!