Tulips & Puppets - A weekend in Bowral (& Pulse Pasta Recipe)

Before we knew it we had our bags packed again... Off to the Southern Highlands this time, me working on a wonderful wedding, Dave & Faye tagging along, as usual, being real champs!
We were lucky that Tulip Time, the annual Spring Festival was on during our stay.
The weather was crisp, to say the least... It was actually colder than our trip to the Mountains the other week. It was possibly the last chance for Faye to wear her cute organic Panda Beanie and her cardigan that my Mum made for her.
Spring blossoms and pretty flowers everywhere, paired with Marching Bands and local stalls selling natural products. Our highlight was the story time tent of the Steiner School.
Faye and I just joined a Steiner Playgroup a few days earlier here in Sydney and I was so happy that Dave could get a glimpse of the magic that surrounds anything to do with Steiner education.

I think we enjoyed the puppet play and stories at least as much as the kids and had a lovely chat to storyteller Annabelle, who teaches at the Bowral Steiner School "Aurora"
When I was little I attended Steiner Playgroup/Daycare myself and I still have so many good memories, that it was always clear to me that I would seek out the same for Faye.
I would definitely consider sending her to a Steiner Primary School, but I am getting ahead of myself now... this is still a long time away.

Our little Airb'n'b happened to be equipped with an amazing full kitchen, so we made the most out of it and cooked up a storm both nights. Dave asked for a hearty, creamy pasta dish and so we veganised and improvised and created one yummy, super simple dish! 
(We might have eaten it a few days in a row!) When I shared the photos on Insta the other day, you requested the "recipe" so here it is:
All amounts are averages, as we just made the recipe up!
Please refer to pictures for the quantities we used.


For 2 people you need:
150g Pulse Pasta Penne
1 handful Sundried Tomatoes
1 Zuccchini
2 Portobello Mushrooms
2 handful Kale
1/2 tin Coconut Milk (organic & BPA free)
1 garlic clove
Black Pepper to taste

Cooking Instructions:
1. Boil a pot of water and cook Pasta to instrustions. Ours only took 6-8min.
2. Chop up all veggies and garlic
3. Use a large frying pan (without oil) add all veggies & garlic and use medium/high heat.
Be careful not to burn anything and add spoonfuls of the pasta water to the pan as you go along. Enough, so that it doesn't stick or burn but not so much that everything starts swimming. 
4. Once the veggies are nicely steamed you can add half a tin of the Coconut Milk, it will sizzle and warm the milk up immediately.
5. Drain the pasta and mix it all together!
6. ENJOY your meal!