A Spring Weekend In The Mountains Part II: Caves, Pizza & Slippers

Dave's first Fathers Day turned out to be great fun! This whole weekend was a very welcome change of scenery.
For our little Father's Day celebration I got Dave a pair of vegan sandals (as he is always stealing my slippers!!!) to keep his feet cosy in our little Mountain Chalet, a beautiful card, which might have gotten all of us a little teary....a trip to visit the Jenolan Caves & a vegan Pizza for dinner!

After the early start on Saturday, we were all pretty tired by the afternoon! Working while looking after a baby is quite something, but it went pretty well overall. It was a beautiful wedding for the loveliest of people and it was also fun being back at work.
We all recharged by taking a deep bath afterwards. Faye's first time in the big tub, guys! She is such a water baby, splashing and squealing, trying to float and kicking around, it was the best idea!

After we spend Saturday afternoon just hanging out and relaxing by the fire it was great to be out exploring on Sunday. It was my first time in a cave and I was very impressed. All these magical shapes and sparkles. Dave has only been there as a kid and really loved it too.
Faye snoozed throughout the whole tour. It was a 1.5 hour long walk through caves up and down many stairs. I was carrying sleeping Faye, who is about 7kg the entire tour ...
(The caves were amazing and we will totally be back BUT do not attempt to grab food there afterwards: It was the worst, smelliest, tourist-trappy fast food junk in a grubby setting, so we decided to hit the road and eat elsewhere.)
That pizza was really needed afterwards :) You know when you are just so hungry that anything would taste like the best food ever? Yeah, so I am unable to actually review the food we had in Katoomba, as I was just a little too desperate to eat it. As I am so used to fresh, plant-based food these days it's hard for me anyway to review a pizza. Dave said it was VERY tasty! I guess, finding vegan options in small towns at a regular restaurant deserves a big thumbs up. Thanks, Pappadino's you kinda saved our lives.
And Dave was all smiles...