The Nappy Talk- Why we are Cloth Nappy Enthusiasts

We love Cloth Nappies! And I get asked a lot about them.
I already told you about our modern cloth nappy set up and what we are using here, but I thought it would be nice to recap with a little video.
Check out the previous post for details on all the products and the process.
We are now 6 months into using them.
Dave also wanted to say a few words, as he was super sceptical at first and now really loves using them as well, so we sat down our couch and had a quick chat. :)

Why would you want to wash nappies?
Cause it's easier than you think, saves the planet, looks cute and is good for babies skin!

Unfortunately, less than 10% of Australian parents are using cloth nappies right now.
The rest ends up in the landfill. the fact that disposable nappies are the largest single-item household contributor to landfill sites, taking up between 2% and 8% of a landfill's volume (disposable nappies when saturated with rain balloon hugely in volume)!!!
 A baby using disposable nappies produces one tonne of nappy waste (nappy, nappy sack, packaging, wipes, as well as the poo) during its average two-and-a-half years in nappies.
For every dollar we spend on disposable nappies, the taxpayer has to spend 10cents disposing of them.
Councils in the U.K. trying to meet strict waste reduction and recycling targets, nearly all now promote the use of washable nappies as part of their strategy...

The above doesn't even touch on all the toxic chemicals used in conventional nappies which are harmful to your baby and the environment...
But, hey, let's cheer up:

Let's make laundry not landfill!

Our eco-hero products again are:

Edible Beauty Mum & Bub Coco Barrier Cream (no rashes ever!!!)
Petit Kiddo Baby Bum Cleanser
Cheeky Wipes
Bumgenius 5.0 Nappies
Planet Wise & Kanga Care Washable Bin Liners (can't remember where I bought them)
Rockin' Green Laundry Powder (it's amazing!)

Photo by Sandra Henri