Faye's First Flight & Vinyard Wedding Extravaganza

While it may have taken us longer than expected to settle back in at home (and to catch up with work...hello thousands of unanswered emails...)
I am glad we went...it was such a great change of scenery and a very special occasion.
The best of all was how much Faye enjoyed the flight and the whole travel experience, she was the calm in the storm, happy & content, smiling about!
Especially since she had to spend her half-year birthday in the airport, as we had a 4-hour flight delay. What a champ! (She also just got her first tooth at 6 months on the dot, YAY!)

So here are some pics of our travel, days spent in and around airports, exploring quaint little towns and of course from the beautiful DIY wedding of our friends Zoe & Rob.
These are our iPhone snaps only...the ones from the "real" camera didn't make it in time (oh technology, a curse and a blessing...) Well, I might share them another time!

Our friends are all just so very special, everyone pulled together helping out and really bringing it all together. Weddings like this (and ours!) really are a team effort.
We are so lucky to know such good people! They are far and few between and we are very grateful!
I was on makeup duty on the day and Dave helped to put together a little hut, which was used as a bar and turned out to be quite amazing. It was a really little house in the end.
On the night I did enjoy some Mocktails, delicious vegan food and all that while bouncing Faye around! She has so much energy these days, really amazing. We lasted quite okay and went to bed very happy and very very tired!
The next day we flew out in the morning, so getting up & packing the whole household again made for a super early start. We did stop on the way to the airport for breakfast, tea & coffee, which was the best idea ever. It turned out to be the best breakkie we had all week and really set us up well for the day of travels. And now: We are home!