Santa To Surf & Burgers By The Beach

When I realised how busy Santa is and that we would have had to book in advance to get a photo taken at the beautiful setup in the QVB, we opted to visit Santa by the beach.
With Faye being such a water baby and living locally it really made sense.
Surfin' Santa did look a little more unconventional in his bathers... but hey, we got to bring Dalston along for the family photo which is pretty special.
And honestly, we had a blast! They also offered yummy coffees and we just enjoyed the warm Summer night. Being out and about (pushing little Faye's bedtime a little later on a Friday night!) and turned the whole thing into a fun beach date night. We got vegan takeaway burgers and just sat on the grass by the beach.
It was then Faye decided to get some serious moves on and before we knew it she belly robbed/crawled of our picnic blanket and was metres away.
She also started pulling herself up on me and wants to practice standing all the time now, the new perspective makes her giggle and puts the proudest grin on her little face.

These times are all so special. We had one of the most challenging weeks to follow. Where we maybe just tried doing a little too much, overwhelm, stress and all the feels exploded, working and being a Mum isn't straightforward and it's a constant process of prioritising and decision making. Maybe it's this time of year as well...
The tough days especially made me treasure the memory of this evening. Such a sweet reminder to be grateful and that it's all the simple little things that make our life magical.
It's too easy to lose yourself in the rat race, especially in a city that's not exactly affordable.

Thank you, Sydney, for being such a wonderful city to call our home, to the husband for this special date-night and all the support and to Faye for being such a beam of sunshine and love.