Summer Is Here & We Are Amongst It

Happy first day of Summer! There is nothing like ocean dips, lazy beach days and picnics on balmy Summer nights. Eating fresh fruit all day long, wearing light floaty clothes and having sand in all bags, shoes and all over the apartment :)

Faye is quite a fan too and although the days of just-grabbing-a-towel-and-running-out-of-the-house-are-over, we are getting better and more experienced beach parents with each visit.
It helps that we are living within walking distance to our fave swimming spots and that Faye is SO laid back
She even stayed up a little later with us and joined in for our spontaneous dinner picnic.
It was so unplanned that I literally just grabbed all snacks I could find in the fridge, including some awesome raw vegan dessert truffles from Earth To Table, chucked it all into a tote and off we went across the road to the golf course...
It turned out to be the best idea! Dalston had a great time too and might have eaten some baguette...

And this is just the beginning of the season!