Sydney Vegan Markets & Morning Swims

Sunday was the perfect sunny Spring day!
We literally jumped out of bed for our daily morning yoga session, had a quick tasty breakfast at home and were on our way to the beach for a morning swim...
Faye totally embraced the rather cool & fresh water and the beach shower.
(that's my girl :) Mama doesn't mind cold water either!)
Faye's little Swimhat is by Bedhead a local baby hat company that gives to the "Protect The Potential" Charity who donates hats to disadvantaged children in Australia.
So we got a set of hats which made sure that some hats will be donated to bubs in need.
Swimming just always makes me feel amazing, something magical about moving through the water. We tried our best to stop her from eating sand while letting her play around.

For lunch,
we headed to the launch of the Sydney Vegan Markets.
It was packed out!!! We arrived at 1 pm and most stands had sold out of their food already!
Hungry in the burning sun with bub & pup in tow that wasn't what I had in mind... BUT I was SO excited that the market was such a success and to see how the Sydney Vegan scene is growing and growing. We also managed to get a rather delicious Xtra Burger from Maker, a cream filled cookie also from the vegan master baker Annabelle from Little Panda Kitchen/Maker, a cup of ice-cream from Cha-Cha's and some extra good bliss balls.
I also bought some Quinoa Puff Crisps for home and some extra tasty hemp tempeh.
As soon as we had some food we sat down in the first shady spot we could find, ate and then had a nice stroll with full tummies exploring some vegan fashion and accessories, as well as other bits and pieces.
We saw the lovely Debbie from Humankind and ordered Dave some more vegan shoes. We were also both wearing our vegan sandals that we bought from her previously.
Dalston got many cuddles and had a great time as well.
I had planned to buy a selection of vegan cheeses for a dinner platter but, you guessed it, they were entirely sold out by the time we got there. Entirely!
Ah well, next time we will be there EARLY and all stall holders will be stocked up to the max.
And we will definitely be back!

Back home we had a nice evening stroll in the breeze and walked through the most refreshing Summer rain. (Summer is almost here, I can smell it!)
We also said we will make a plan to somehow do daily swims in Summer before Dave heads to work! That would be SO awesome. While I love my work, I can def make a bit more room for swims/exercise and just play time. Lazy Summer days, here I come. (I am trying!)