Getting into the swing of things, bye bye maternity leave

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It is with very mixed feelings that I am getting back into the swing of things, trying to embrace the juggle that is about to happen.

I love my job and all the exciting opportunities that are about to happen, yet little Faye is my priority and just hope that I will be there for her whenever she needs me.
I am her Mum and that is the biggest best job ever. I am grateful for Dave's support and we will see how the transition goes. I am mindful of not letting all these precious baby times just flying by and disappearing within the business of work life. I have been pondering about what the future holds. How to make things work. I feel there is a time for everything. Right now it's time to be there for Faye more than anything. As if it is a special test more opportunities than usual are hitting my inbox every day and I have to say no more often. Easier said than done, though. Before I know I sometimes already commit and then realise that I have a little too much on my hands.
Here is to the wild times ahead, please wish us luck! (Seriously!)

While the preparations to go back to work have been consuming I tried my best to stay present and to celebrate the calm before the storm.

So we met up with dear friends, had long walks and enjoyed calm, long, delicious lunches.
Faye got cuddles all around and here we are! Trying to ignore the fact of what is about to happen!

And PS: Cha Cha's plant-based cashew ice cream in Bondi Beach is the bomb! If you are local go grab yourself some!