A Birthday Weekend By The Sea & Vegan Pancakes

For my birthday we spent the day on Sydney's Northern Beaches for a change...
We swam in very nice rockpools and ate delicious vegan food.
Big shout-out to Girdlers Cafe in Dee Why for serving vegan pancakes!

Mostly we just hung out and had the best talks. Making plans, dreaming and making decisions for the future. It's all about finding a home, where to move and schools right now.
Not easy to find all the answers and trying to trust and listen to our gut feelings.

Faye just tagged along being super happy about all the splashing and water time.
So much so that she just slept in the car, being bugged from all the adventures.

It was a nice, calm birthday. Just us. Just what I needed.

The other day we met with the whole family to go to a water park and Dave's Mum surprised with a homemade vegan birthday cake! That was pretty special.

Looking back at these photos I can tell, that our heads were in a different space.
We had a lot of stuff to think about and the photos somehow reflect that.

This week we started with a clear head!
And some decisions have been made. Here is to new directions in 2018.
And just like that, I turned 34 years old. Life is pretty special.